Student's Guide

The Student Guide will assist you in learning about XYZ tutor, programs and services available to you, and the policies and guidelines that reflect our community standards and values. Please take a moment to review this practical information including opportunities for you to get involved in XYZ tutor community and education system that can help you if you need assistance.

Getting Started

The first step you need to do is to create a free account by filling the required information on Sign up page ,the whole process won't take more than five minutes, and then you can benefit from all our services.

Enrol Online

You can browse and search in all the available courses, once you find what you need, you can enrol your self with one click, some of the courses are free, and some are paid. Courses include onlime streaming sessions and all the required resources, other details will be customized for each course by its tutor. To browse and search in all the availabe courses you can visit the Courses page.

Virtual Classroom

Private Session

We are highly specific with choosing our tutors, so we gauranty better school marks and better education for students who prefer individual tutoring, all you have to do visit Tutors archive page, Browse and search tutors, choose one and click on request, and we will manage an onine meetings.

Educational Games

Education mixed with entertainment, and alot of fun. Online games designed to improve you skills in a various reigons, most of them aimed for young ages. You don't have to be logged in to have fun, visit the Educational game page and try to beat the chalenges.